Before I came to see Dr. Zeke I had a long history with spinal cord problems. In 2017 the pain in both the neck and lower back were intense and I had it evaluated by three Neurologists. All three said they wouldn't operate because the risk of severe damage from the surgery was high, and even if it worked they were not sure it would do much good. They sent me to a pain management specialist who did injections and cauterization neither of which worked.

Rehab was no help, acupuncture didn't work, massage was fun but no help. Bottom line prognosis was a lifetime of Oxycodone and limited mobility. The physicians assistant said to me that there was a chiropractor on Bee Caves Road who had a real reputation for helping spinal problems that traditional medicine couldn't help. I went to Dr. Zeke and within three months I was off all of the pain medication except Tylenol and had regained some but limited neck mobility. After two years I'am able to go to the gym three times a week, plus low impact aerobics and some yoga.

Zeke didn't cure old vertebrae or widen stenosis closed nerve pathways, instead he went to the root causes which were posture problems and muscles not working together correctly. He used aspects of exercise therapy, Tenn's, chiropractic and teaching me how the muscles connected and worked together so I can work on strengthening the correct muscles. Zeke also uses a mechanical impactor to loosen locked muscles.

I highly recommend him if you are suffering from orthopedic pain, particularly if your not having any success getting better. It seems to me that Zeke is a master with muscle's and their connections. Zeke is patient, he listens and he's a very decent human being and it comes through. If anyone has a question ask Zeke for my number and call.

-Satisfied Patient

Zeke blends a variety of modalities to treat what presents and provides highly personalized care needs. I always appreciate his level of expertise; however, it's rare to find a provider with Zeke's level of compassion, listening skills and general easy going manner. In early 2018, I was hit by a commercial vehicle and ended up with three permanent injuries.

Zeke continues to guide me through my healing process, making excellent additional referrals as needed and helping me with ongoing pain management from this traumatic event. I've been an RMT for over 28 years and highly recommend Zeke to address your care needs.


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