Structural Analysis

The effects of posture on health is becoming more evident. Spinal pain, headache, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. The corollary of these observations is that many symptoms, including pain, may be moderated or eliminated by improved posture.

One of the most common postural problems is the forward head posture. Since we live in a forward facing world, the repetitive use of computers, TV, video games, trauma and even backpacks have forced the body to adapt to a forward head posture. People with uncorrected forward head posture can potentially suffer from chronic or unpleasant conditions such as irritated nerves, muscle and soft tissue pain and early spinal degeneration.

Leg length difference is often a causative factor of pain in the hip, knee or lower back. Studies have shown that the longer leg carries more weight and is subject to more stress in activities such as walking or running. If leg length inequality is a determining factor in a patients condition, a shoe lift can be used to balance the leg length difference.

Proper spinal curvatures act as levers, shock absorbers and resistance to gravity; they also protect and reduce forces acting on the spinal cord and nervous system. But gravity, poor posture, improper movements patterns, injury and disease can all play a role in the loss of idea spinal curvatures. Your treatment plan may include a variety of techniques know as spinal remodeling to restore these natural curves.

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