What Is DTS Therapy?

Back pain comes in many forms and can occur for various reasons. However, finding the right treatment for your back pain can be a tricky task. DTS Decompression Traction Therapy can help you avoid surgery for and overcome your back pain. Learn more about DTS Therapy with Dr. Zeke Harkleroad at Bee Caves Scoliosis and Chiropractic Center in Austin, TX.

What is DTS Therapy?

DTS Therapy utilizes a simple approach to treating and curing back conditions like Disk Syndrome, pinched nerves, and spinal degeneration. The therapy helps decompress the spine and its discs by using steady force, pulling the bottom half of the body gently from the top to realign the spine. The system is computerized, allowing your chiropractor to adjust the settings depending on your condition and target the exact part of the spine in question. Most DTS Therapy sessions last about 20 minutes and many patients report immediate results.

How does DTS Therapy work?

When the spine becomes compressed, the discs which lie between the bones become damaged. The discs, which act as a kind of shock absorber, become pinched between the bone, causing pinched nerves and back pain. DTS Therapy gently pulls the spine apart, allowing the discs to slip back into their proper places. DTS Therapy benefits those with all kinds of back and neck pain caused by conditions like damaged discs or pinched nerves.

DTS Therapy in Houma, LA

Patients begin by laying on the system’s treatment table. The system’s harness fits around the hips, and your doctor adjusts the system’s settings to the most beneficial force for your condition. The system gently pulls the body, giving the patient a comfortable stretching sensation. The procedure itself is painless and patients should feel comfortable and relaxed. DTS Therapy is not recommended for pregnant women, severely obese patients, or those with severe nerve damage or osteoporosis. Your doctor is your best tool in determining if DTS Therapy is right for you.

For more information on decompression traction therapy, please contact Dr. Zeke Harkleroad at Bee Caves Scoliosis and Chiropractic Center in Austin, TX. Call ((512) 327-5311 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Zeke Harkleroad today!

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