How To Treat Scoliosis

Find out what a chiropractor can do to improve your scoliosis symptoms.

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the shape of the spine, causing it to curve sideways. While sometimes this curve will stay the same over the years, there are other people who find that their scoliosis is progressive. Those with mild scoliosis may not even notice that they have it, while those with moderate-to-severe cases may deal with back pain, breathing problems, or changes in their body (e.g. uneven shoulders or prominent ribs).

So, How Can Our Austin, Tx, Chiropractor Dr. Zeke Help Alleviate and Manage Your Condition?

First, it’s important to understand that a chiropractor will not be able to “fix” or “cure” your scoliosis. The sole purpose of getting chiropractic care in Austin is to help you manage your condition with simple treatments, therapies, and at-home care. Scoliosis doesn’t have to impact your quality of life, and we can work with you to create a treatment plan that works most effectively for you and your specific needs.

Scoliosis is different from other spinal disorders, so you certainly don’t want to treat this condition as you would a simpler condition. When we examine the spine, we are looking at the discs, muscles, bones, and even nerves. We want to see if unnecessary pressure is being applied to these nerves, as this can play a role in the shape of your spine. By alleviating that nerve tension through spinal manipulation and certain manual techniques, we can help alleviate back pain amongst other symptoms and improve how the spine functions.

How your brain and body communicate with one another is also important for understanding how to treat your scoliosis. To improve your condition, we will be required to retrain your brain through a series of balance tests.

It’s also important that you are committed to treating your condition and following what our chiropractor tells you. The more you commit to the therapies and treatments, the more improvement you will see. This will require some upkeep and work on your part, but the benefits will certainly be worth it. Young patients with scoliosis may also be prescribed a corrective brace to help realign the spine and reduce or even eliminate the curve.

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