Discover The Benefits Of Spinal Decompression!

Would you like to have relief from your lower back pain without prescription medication or surgery? Would you like better mobility and a greater sense of vitality? Then, in-office spinal decompression from Austin, TX, chiropractor, Dr. Zeke Harkleroad may be for you. 

What happens to our spines?

Through age, inactivity, a "desk job," or simply standing in one position for long periods of time, our spines compress or become more compact. The intervertebral discs, made of semi-flexible cartilage, actually shrink in size, deteriorate or even herniate (bulge) out from between the bones which make up the neck, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine.

What results is stiffness, immobility, loss of range of motion, and yes, pain. People often resort to harmful pain medications or complicated surgeries to find relief, but your Austin chiropractor has a better solution.

Spinal Decompression

It involves a series of treatments at Bee Caves Chiropractic & Scoliosis Center. Dr. Harkleroad is certified in the Kennedy Spinal Decompression Technique which gently, but effectively, stretches each area of the spine, relieving pressure on the affected intervertebral discs.

Besides gently and repeatedly stretching the back via the hips and buttocks, your chiropractor uses other treatments to augment the effects of spinal decompression. These core training exercises strengthen the musculature supporting the spine and also tighten critical abdominal muscles.

These corrective exercises feature no complex equipment but instead utilize gravity and the body's natural weight and mass to reshape muscles. The patient stretches the targeted areas, gradually increasing strength and flexibility.

Spinal decompression and core training exercises improve circulation and movement of key nutrients and fluids to the spine. Your chiropractor also recommends rest, plenty of fluids and back maintenance exercises to be performed at home between treatments.

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Do you want relief from your back pain? Contact Bee Caves Chiropractic & Scoliosis Center for an appointment. Dr. Harkleroad in Austin, TX, produces remarkable pain relieving results with spinal decompression, and he wants to help you feel better for the long run. Call (512) 327-5311 today.

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