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What Happens During Spinal Decompression?

Back pain, which affects daily activities like standing, walking, or even laying in bed, is a serious condition which can quickly take a huge toll on your quality of life. If you suffer from back pain, you may benefit from spinal decompression therapy. Learn more about spinal decompression therapy with help from Dr. Zeke Harkleroad, DC at Bee Caves Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center in Austin, TX.

What is spinal decompression? 
Created by Pennsylvania-based Dr. Jay Kennedy, spinal decompression is a nonsurgical method of spinal manipulation similar to traction therapy which stretches the spine to relieve discomfort and pain. The stretching action pulls the spine, allowing herniated disc tissues to ease back into place while promoting the body’s self-healing abilities. Spinal decompression can treat many conditions, including:

  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • herniated discs
  • degenerated discs
  • sciatica

Dr. Harkleroad can help you determine if spinal decompression is right for you and your body. Spinal decompression therapy may help you avoid surgical procedures for your back problems.

Spinal Decompression in Austin, TX 
A typical spinal decompression procedure begins with the patient lying on a motorized table. A harness placed around the hips attaches to the moving end of the table. As the table moves, the harness pulls the lower half of the body, stretching the body to decompress the spine. The amount of pressure placed onto the body depends on you, your body, and your doctor’s opinion. Each of these sessions usually lasts around one hour and takes place at your chiropractor’s office. Patients should feel no pain during treatment, though they will probably feel a stretching sensation in the back. Dr. Harkleroad may recommend other treatments alongside spinal decompression such as massage, foundation training home exercises or spinal manipulation.

For more information on spinal decompression therapy, please contact Dr. Zeke Harkleroad, DC at Bee Caves Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center in Austin, TX Call (512) 327-5311 to schedule your appointment for an examination today!

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