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FAQs About Scoliosis

Learn more about this common childhood problem and when it might be time to see your Austin, TX chiropractor.

Has your child just been diagnosed with scoliosis? If so find out everything there is to know about this condition.

Q. What is scoliosis?

A. This common condition causes a C- or S-shaped curve in the spine, rather than being completely straight. Scoliosis affects many children and teenagers. While there are a couple different kinds of scoliosis the most common type is idiopathic, meaning that there is no known cause.

Q. What are the risk factors for scoliosis?

A. Age is a risk factor for this condition, as scoliosis is most likely to show up between the ages of 9 to 15 years old. Also, while boys and girls can both develop this condition, girls are more likely to have a more progressive form and require treatment.

Also, scoliosis can be inherited; however, you don’t have to have a family history of scoliosis in order to develop it.

Q. What are the symptoms of this condition?

A. The most common signs of scoliosis are an uneven waist or shoulder, or one hip being higher than the other. One shoulder blade may even be more visible than the other one. When scoliosis becomes worse, the spine may twist as well as curve. This can cause one side of the ribcage to stick out further than the other. Severe forms of scoliosis can even cause problems breathing and pain.

Q. How is scoliosis diagnosed?

A. After discussing your medical history, your Austin chiropractor will perform a thorough physical examination in which we will have you assume certain positions to see if scoliosis could be the cause. We may also perform a neurological exam to check for proper reflexes and to make sure there are no signs of weakness or numbness.

However, the best way to confirm scoliosis is by conducting an X-ray. If we believe your scoliosis is the result of another condition we may run further testing including an MRI or CT scan.

Q. What are the different scoliosis treatments?

A. Many children who are diagnosed with scoliosis only have a mild form and won’t need treatment. However, your Austin chiropractor may recommend coming in every few months to make sure that the condition hasn’t worsened. If your child is still growing and has been diagnosed with moderate scoliosis than we may recommend wearing a brace to help prevent the condition from worsening. This brace will be worn until your child’s development is complete.

Rarely is surgery necessary; however, your Austin, TX chiropractor may recommend it for more severe cases. Spinal fusion is the most common type of surgery to correct scoliosis. However, surgery is usually not performed until after your child has fully developed.

Adults can also be afflicted with scoliosis. If this is the case, they can benefit from rehab and home exercise for their pain.

If you are experiencing symptoms of scoliosis or wondering about the health of your spine, it’s never too late to find out. Schedule an appointment today with your Austin, TX chiropractor at Bee Caves Scoliosis Center LLC. We’ll get you on the straight path to good back health!

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