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How A Chiropractor Can Treat Your Sports Injury

Find out how certain chiropractic techniques could improve your sports-related back and neck problems!

Whenever we think about exercise we usually consider it a great component of a healthier life. After all it seems that everywhere you turn you are hearing about the health benefits of playing sports and working out; however, more than 10 million sports-related injuries occur each year, and about 20 percent of these injuries affect the lower back or neck. Contact sports like football, while fun to play, also leave players prone to spinal injuries. If you are an avid athlete that is experiencing back or neck problems due to a sports-related injury, find out how your Austin, TX chiropractor can help.

Electrotherapy: One of the most common forms of electrotherapy is extracorporeal shock wave therapy, which sends shock waves through damaged soft tissue to increase blood flow to the area and to promote faster tissue healing. By stimulating an acute inflammatory response, the body works to repair the damaged tissue and heal more quickly.

Therapeutic Exercises: Your chiropractor works with the patient to show them a series of corrective and strengthening exercises that can be used each day to retrain damaged muscles and to improve function, range-of-motion and stability back into the joints. By working through these exercises, we not only correct any muscle imbalances but we also prevent the occurrence of future injuries by trying to correct the imbalance as soon as possible.

Massage Therapy: If you are dealing with muscle stiffness and pain due to a sports injury, then massage therapy could be a great and relaxing way to soothe aching, damaged muscles. Massage therapy also improves circulation, promotes healing, stretches out stiff and tight tissues and muscles, and even flushes out toxins from the body.

Spinal Manipulation: This has become a popular way to treat athletes dealing with spinal-related injuries. By apply a certain amount of pressure to specific areas of the back, we are able to help release muscle tension and improve joint and muscle range-of-motion while also alleviating pain and discomfort. Studies have found that spinal manipulation is a great treatment option for those dealing with acute forms of back and neck problems.

If you are experiencing back or neck problems due to a sports injury, then it’s time to get rid of your symptoms and get back in the game. Contact your Austin, TX chiropractor, Dr. Zeke Harkleroad at Bee Caves Scoliosis Center, LCC for an appointment.

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