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My basic approach  with patients  is to identify mechanical and neurological challenges that an individual has, stabilize the issue and work towards continuing to strengthen the system.

This is how the process feels from a recent patient's point of view.

When I think of a healthcare provider in any specialty (in terms of truly caring for the whole person), I think of Dr. Zeke. I had been to a handful of Chiropractors over a year or so before seeing him. I came in with intense neck pain which radiated to my head (headaches), as well as to the front and back of shoulder (deep throbbing pain) on the left side. The left side of my chest also shifted, which only increased the pain. Today, about a month after my first visit, I am feeling about 75% better. Better than any chiropractic treatment plan has ever done for me. I have only seen him twice and I am doing my exercises at home. He also calls me to check on how I am feeling. I am looking forward to seeing him again soon. When I first contacted Dr. Zeke on the phone, I was frustrated with promises of complete healing/spinal correction through great sounding treatment plans/ packages by other chiropractors, which didn't deliver according to their timeline. This is with me precisely following at home instructions between adjustments. These Chiros today while some are well meaning, others tend to focus more on their wanting to make a living, rather than helping you long term. I am not against a doc asking for what he deserves especially when he is dealing with you truthfully and presents realistic expectations in the healing process. I don't like when a doctor makes promises he can't keep just to get you "signed up". Let me decide where to spend my money after getting honest feedback. What you will get from Dr. Zeke: - Attentiveness and patience - A deep sense of care - Targeting of the root causes - A desire to see you feeling better quickly, but safely - Emphasis on homework (strengthening and conditioning exercises) - Balance between you doing homework and office visits which reduces cost (at least in my case as I also live far) - Encouragement on patience with the healing "process". Dr. Zeke does not roll you in and out of his office as many times as he can get money from you. He will refer you out to the best people who can help you if he can't. He was not in a rush to get me in for the first visit, though he was confident in his abilities. You come across people, let alone doctors like Dr. Zeke infrequently in this day and age. They are life giving when you do, you literally feel hopeful after meeting him because you connect with his compassion, honesty, and his desire to want to figure out the best way he can help you, even if it means losing your business. Go see Dr. Zeke, you will not regret it. Thank you :)

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