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With the understanding that Idiopathic Scoliosis is a neuromuscular condition affecting the spine, this allows the Corrective Movement provided by SpineCor to interact with the patient's nervous system to promote new neuro-muscular patterns to affect scoliosis. Spinecor was created to support the muscular, neurological and skeletal systems simultaneously, built upon the philosophy that movement really is life. Think of Spinecor as band assisted rehab. Spinecor

No Other Scoliosis Brace Comes Near The Success Rate Achieved By The SpineCor Brace.

Live life as normal with Spinecor.

SpineCor is easy to put on and take off. 

Worn comfortably under clothing, it is fully flexible, allowing you to carry on with your daily life, including sporting activities.

Its discreet nature means Spinecor is undetectable under normal clothing, making it more appealing to patients, helping to achieve better results.

National Scoliosis Foundation  The National Scoliosis Foundation's site provides resources for scoliosis patients and families. Go to the posted link on this page and follow to Resources>For Patients/Caregivers

Dr. Zeke

As an Austin Westlake chiropractor, Zeke Harkleroad D.C.

has offered chiropractic care in the Westlake area since 1997.  By incorporating daily stabilizing exercises, we are all capable of assisting our spines and nervous systems in performing at an optimally level. Daily maintenance leads to improved function, injury prevention and better performance in all aspects of our lives.  Of course there will be situations where we need a neurological reset,  instructions about what activities should be performed when recovering from an injury or care with postural stress from our modern lifestyles. During these times chiropractic care is a safe effective method for activating and resetting your nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Spinal imbalances and scoliosis often result in herniated disc. Foundation Training can help stabilize these imbalances.

Spinal Decompression can help treat damaged discs or poor spinal muscle control.

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    Zeke Harkleroad

    Dr. Zeke is an Austin Chiropractor who focuses on helping you overcome debilitating conditions, getting you stabilized, and having you return to the daily activities you enjoy.

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